Road Accident Claims: How likely is it that You Will Suffer from a Soft Tissue Injury?

If you are not already suffering from a soft tissue injury, you may be wondering if it something to really worry about.  According to the Department of Transport“Motor traffic levels rose by 0.1% compared with the year ending September 2016.”  They also reported that road traffic casualties have decreased. This means there is a slight possibility that the safety on British roads has increased. Although, the Department itself has warned that one should make such conclusions with great caution. The fact is, you should always be aware of what you can do if you suffer from any such injury or want to make a soft tissue injury claim. It is better to be safe than sorry no matter how much that cliché may annoy you.

What is a Soft Tissue Injury?

soft tissue injury can happen when one has used a specific ligament, muscle or tendon too much. it can also occur due to trauma to one of those specific areas.  The time it takes to recover from a soft tissue injury is dependent on many things. This includes your general health, your occupation, the nature of your injury and of course the severity of it. Soft tissue injuries are usually following by instant swelling, delayed or instant swelling as well as late bruising and stiffness or instability if the injury is more serious.

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How Much Soft Injury Compensation You can Gain for Road Accident Claims

If you have suffered a soft tissue injury the severity is the determiner of  road accident claims compensation. Therefore, the recovery period length determines how much soft injury compensation you may receive for your soft tissue injury claim. If your recovery period is within 3 months, you could receive from  £300 to £1860 in soft injury compensation. If your recovery period is within 3 months and 1 year then you could receive  £2000 to £3000 in soft injury compensation.  If it is within 1 and 2 years, you could receive about £3000 to £6000 in soft injury compensation.

Many individuals may not want to make a soft tissue injury claim. This is due to the fact that the injury may not be serious enough.  Although,  even minor injuries can receive a good amount of compensation.  Find out more about making successful road accident claims,

You may further get yourself aware of the things you should know about making a road traffic accident claim. You can also use the Legit Claims Calculator to estimate your soft tissue injury claim.