What is the Difference Between General and Special Damages?

When an accident victim will receive compensation, the compensation will either fall under general damages or special damages. The court must, however, rule in the claimant’s favor in order for them to receive the money. If the judge finds you innocent then you will receive the money to use for your medical or legal expenses.

General Damages goes to the claimant for the direct liability impact that the accident had on them. It’s hard to assign a specific value to general damages at first. An example is when a client is involved in a motorcycle accident and is left with disfigurement or disability. Right away the court can calculate a PI claims value from the victim’s loss.

Special Damages, on the other hand, is much easier to grasp. It’s much simpler to assign special damages a certain value as it involves direct financial expenses that the claimant suffered as a result of the accident. Medical costs and loss of income are two great examples as they are clear monetary expenses.

What are the Unseen Injuries of PI Claims?

Not all injuries are always visible after an accident. Unseen injuries also fall under PI claims and are mainly psychological effects that are a result of the accident.  In many cases, a client doesn’t even know he or she is suffering from psychological pain. This can be a liability, and as a result, they might not receive fair compensation.

Psychiatric injuries lead to special damages. Victims suffer from anxiety, flashbacks and most commonly post-traumatic stress disorder. Victims won’t notice their injuries until a change in their behavior is visible. They can also act as a tremendous liability for a victim’s career or personal relationships. A person involved in a very severe motor vehicle accident may find it extremely difficult to get back behind the steering wheel. This can result in work termination for people who make a living as a delivery driver. Psychiatric injuries can fade as time goes by but when they are permanent and proven then the special damages awarded can be twice as much as the general damages for physical injuries. Unseen injuries receive compensation once a medical professional has diagnosed the victim. It’s more straightforward to assign a value for loss of employment than it is to assign a value for a post-traumatic stress disorder.

Helpful Advice for the Unseen Injuries of Personal Injury

These unseen injuries can happen as a result of any severe accident and not only motor vehicle accidents but workplace accident as well. You might not even notice you’re suffering from any psychiatric injury at first. So remember to make sure that if you’re a victim from an accident that everyone close to you monitors your everyday behavior, especially your sleeping patterns.

If you’re experiencing any psychological problems after a recent accident then please make an appointment and see a doctor. It is also good advice for you to contact any authorized personal injury claims services. You might just have a serious case if proven that the accident is liable as the cause.