Spinal Cord Injury Statistics

According to Statista, the most common cause of spinal cord injury accidents in the UK is falling. This can be falls from height, slip and trip falls and workplace accidental falls. A shocking 41.7% of spinal injuries are caused by falls, followed by road traffic accidents at 36.8%. Other causes includes sport accidents – 11.6% and accidents caused by knocks and collisions stand at 4.2%. Furthermore the National Health Service (NHS) estimates the average costs of spinal cord injuries to 5,540 British pounds per treatment. A spinal cord injury can be caused anywhere along the spine from the cervical level up to the lumbosacral; level and can be moderate or severe in nature which results in loss of function in the body. In severe cases costs of treatment is significantly higher and damage can be permanent.

As with all personal or spinal injury claims, each case is unique. This is why it is not possible to give you an exact compensation amount or claims processing fees, although mainly based on the severity as well as other common contributing factors, an average estimate is always possible. It is advisable to seek pout a personal injury lawyer to help you further establish the totals that are unique to your circumstances. Further assistance is always available with How You Can Find a Good Personal Injury Lawyer. A claims Calculator is also a very useful way to establish the amounts for your peace of mind.

Contributing Factors to Spinal Cord Injury Compensation Calculations

  • Severity and long-term effects: The severity of the spinal cord injury weighs the heaviest in the final injury compensation decision
  • Non-NHS treatment: Any necessary visits or treatment that the NHS could not cover could form part of the compensation you earn back.
  • Earnings lost: If you have has to take time off work due to your spinal injury, you may be able to receive compensation back for the lost earnings.
  • Emotional suffering: You may be able to receive compensation for the suffering that is beyond simply physical.
  • Home care/adapting/buying a new home: If you have needed to pay someone to care of you at your house or if you have had to pay to adapt or buy a new house to your spinal cord injury than you may be able to receive compensation for this.

Estimated Amounts of Spinal Injury Compensation in the UK

Back injury

  • Minor: up to a rounded off estimate of £10 000
  • Moderate: Rounded off estimate from £10 000 to £29 000
  • Severe: Rounded off estimate from £29 000- £122 000


  • Paraplegic: Rounded off estimates from £166 000 to £216 000
  • Quadriplegic: Rounded off estimates from £247 000- £307000

Claim Processing Fees Explained

When it comes to claim processing fees or processing charges one needs to consider solicitor fees as well as court fees.

Solicitor fees: Your solicitor fees will depend on many variables. This includes which law firm or injury solicitors you are working with. It also includes the specifics of your case and whether the injury solicitors are offering to work for you on a no-win no-fee basis. Some also offer an initial complimentary consultation.

Court fees: When you make an initial claim, you need to pay a court fee which is relative to the claim amount. If you go further down the legal line, there will be extra costs involved as well.