Trip and Fall and the importance of Health and Safety Standards

Have had a slip, trip and fall accident at work? If so,  it is important to understand the Health and Safety Standards. Your employer is legally obliged to fulfill these. According to Health and Safety Standards employers have a duty of care towards their employees at work which includes:

  • Regularly investigating the safety and health performance of their staff
  • Ensuring adequate safety requirement education
  • Make sure that the work place is a safe space for their employees

Have you suffered a fall injury or trip and fall accident due to your employer not ensuring the above safety standards? Then the possible answer to can you sue for a trip and fall claim is a probable yes.

How to Make a Slip, Trip and Fall Accident Claim

After you’ve had fall injury or any accident at work, it is important that you do the following; Seek medical attention as soon as possible. It is not okay for your employer to try and prevent you from receiving proper medical treatment.  You should always ensure that there is a written record of your injury. The accident book is available just for this. Make sure to confirm your sick leave. Although all working contracts may be different, every employee is legally entitled to SSP or Statutory Sick Pay. Furthermore, you must remember to attend all necessary medical appointment. The law makes your employer legally obligated to allow you to attend these. Remember to keep and relevant medical documents or evidence.  You should, furthermore,  take photographs of the accident scene if possible as well as your injury in order to gain more evidence. Following this, you should take time to return to work, only take on lighter duties when you do return, and, of course, make a compensation claim as soon as possible.

What Can You Sue for?

You may now understand what you can do to claim but asking yourself the question, what can you sue for exactly?  To effectively answer the question, what can you sue for; it is important to understand that there are many areas that you can claim for when it comes to a fall injury, a trip and fall accident or fall accident claims. This is dependent on the specific circumstances of your case. This can include a loss of income. This could have come about due to you not being able to attend work. This is specified as a result of your fall injury. You can also possibly claim for relevant medical or travel expenses. You can also claim for care costs and general damages. Care costs mean you could have needed specific care due to the trip  and fall accident. General damages is all encompassing of your physical and perhaps psychological suffering due to the fall injury.