What Exactly Is Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a medical condition. It is where an individual will hear a ringing, humming, whistling buzzing or in some cases a musical sound. This sound comes from inside the body. The individual can hear the noise in either one or both of the ears. The perception of the individual will be that the noise is coming from the outside. In some rare cases, other individuals who do not have it will also hear the noise from the individual. This condition is symptomatic where there are many causes. The most common causes are old age and nerve damage. Although, among the exhaustive causes are a middle ear infection, head injury, glue ear and much more.

Is Tinnitus a Disability?

You may ask yourself, is tinnitus a disability? There is short-term as well as long-term tinnitus. Short term, for example, can be that excessive ringing noise you may have experienced after a loud concert. If it is long term it can have a significant and negative influence on an individual’s day to day existence. This can include sleep issues, loss of attentiveness as well as depression which means it requires constant treatment. As there is no permanent cure for this symptomatic condition, it can be considered a disability and so hearing loss claims are possible.

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Can you Make Hearing Loss Claims for Tinnitus?

You can make a tinnitus claim if there is sufficient evidence that a third party caused it. Usually, this would fall under ‘industrial deafness’. This means excessively loud working conditions would have caused it. In terms of making the actual tinnitus claim, it is important that you make the claim as soon as you are aware of it. By law, you should make the tinnitus claim within three years of knowledge of the condition but due to the fact that this is a vague term, it is best that you get in contact with a solicitor that can assist you. Added advice for successful hearing loss claims is that you should also keep a consistent diary of all your symptoms and contact your doctor as soon as possible.

In Conclusion

This can be a life-impacting condition and you should not take it lightly. If you think it is the cause of a third party or industrially induced then you get into contact with a solicitor as soon as possible to make a tinnitus claim. You can use our Legit Claims solicitor portal to help with any hearing loss claims. You can also learn more about hearing loss claims by reading Industrial Deafness and Types of Hearing Loss Claims.