Learn More About Traumatic Brain Injury and Answer the Question, ‘Can You Claim?

Is learning about the causes and symptoms of a traumatic brain injury really that important? In a year, 1 million to 1,4 million people go to the hospital due to such an injury. This is According to the United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Forum.  This should push you to learn more about traumatic brain injuries and ask yourself, ‘can you claim?’ if you have experienced this.

Traumatic Brain Injury Claims: Causes and Symptoms

This injury will commonly be due to a penetration into the tissue of the brain or a sudden jolt or blow to either the full body or just the head. Causes of this can include that of combat injuries, explosions, violence, falling, collisions due to vehicles and Injuries due to certain sports.

For a traumatic brain injury that is mild in nature, the symptoms can include but are not limited to imbalance, dizziness, vomiting or nausea.  They can also be suffering from anxiety, depression, poor concentration, quick and varying moods and memory issues, This as well as light or sound sensitivity, blurred visions, ringing ears, a strange taste in the mouth, fatigue, a headache, sleeping a lot, a loss of consciousness ranging from a seconds to minutes and if not the individual may simply be dazed or disorientated.

For more serious traumatic brain injuries the symptoms can include but are not limited to the mild injury symptoms as well as the following: major confusion, consciousness loss for over several minutes to sometimes even hours, being in a coma, a worsening or on-going headache, nausea and vomiting that is repeated, pupil dilation in both eyes, seizures, convulsions, struggling to wake up, feeling agitated or being combative, behaviour that is out of the norm, coordination struggles, clear fluids coming out of ears or from the nose, numb toes and fingers as well as slurred speech .

When it comes to young children and infants these may help you decipher whether they have suffered from this injury: irritable behaviour, on-going crying, nursing and eating habits have changed, loss of concentration, depressive or sad, drowsy, loss of interest in usual excitements, a change in their nursing or eating habits.

Be aware that in any of these situations you should seek immediate medical attention.

Can You Claim for a Traumatic Brain Injury?

Making a personal injury claim can be stressful. Even more so, making traumatic brain injury claims can become very complex. This is why hiring a professional solicitor who specializes in this field of claims is important. Here are some basic things you should know about making traumatic brain injury claims.

Firstly, the answer to the question, ‘can you claim?’ is yes if:

  • It was fully or partially another individuals fault
  • You are making the claim within three years of the injury. There are certain exceptions such as if you were underage at the time but you should not rely on these exceptions.
  • You should make sure you have gathered as much evidence as possible
  • You have two years to make a claim if it was assault

It is wise in these cases to also employ a case manager. If you are struggling with legal aid, there are many options to assist with traumatic brain injury claims. Do not give up. In this case, you should look into insurance coverage. You can also find out if you are part of trade member union. Lastly, look into ‘no-win no fee’. Explore your options or to find out more about this read, Brain Injury Claims: Are You Suffering from This Type of Injury?