Part I: Introducing the Legit Claims Calculator

For the first installment of our 3 part series Introducing Legit Claims, we would like to talk a little bit about the Legit Claims Calculator. Not because it’s the best feature of the website, but because you can use it immediately to estimate what the possible value of your claim can be should you wish to file a claim for a personal injury.

But this is not all. With the Legit Claims website, you can find a Solicitor or Law Firm to assist you to make a claim and Law Firms and Solicitors! You can get listed with us to be found by more clients.
So be sure to keep an eye on our blog for the upcoming posts next week: Part II: Unique features of the Legit Claims Online Claims Portal and Part III: The Legit Claims benefit to Law Firms and Solicitors: Are you Subscribed?

Calculate Your Claim in 3 Simple Steps

We know that calculating your claim amount can be quite a tricky and complicated process. This is why we have created the Legit Claims calculator. All you have to do is follow 3 simple steps.

Legit Claims Calculator

Step 1: Identify your Injury

Go to the Legit Claims calculator page and click on Start Your Calculation.
The first part of the Legit Claims Calculator helps you to define your injury.

Legit Claims Calculator Injury

  • Gender: In the first step you will be asked to choose your gender. Choose either Male or Female.
  • Area of Body: After which you will be taken to the following option illustrated above. Please choose the affected areas of the body; head, upper body, arm injury, lower body or foot injury.
  • Body Part Affected: When you have chosen the general area, more details are available. For example within the upper body area the following choices can be further defined; neck injury, back injury, shoulder injuries, chest injuries and lung disease and injury.
  • Injury Suffered: These choices are based on the options chosen above. For example if you have chosen neck injury, then the types of neck injuries will be displayed; whiplash, fracture or dislocation. If you have chosen the shoulder injury then the shoulder injury options will include dislocated shoulder, soft tissue injury etc.
    It is also important to remember that you can go back anytime to the previous steps by clicking on the different steps in the blue bar at the top.
  • Severity of Injury: In the last option for this step you can indicate whether your injury was minor, moderate or severe. This slider will adjust the compensation amount accordingly.

Step 2: Loss of Earnings

The second part of the Legit Claims Calculator helps calculate your loss of earnings.
Legit Claims Calculator EarningsNow that you have specified your injury, it is time to calculate your loss of earnings. In the ‘loss of earnings’ step you will need to choose your average weekly wages (after tax and NI) as well as the number of weeks you had to take off as a result of your injury.

Step 3: Other Costs

The third part of the Legit Claims Calculator provides for other costs.

Legit Claims Calculator Costs

This Step is for filling in any other relevant costs such as

  • Travel expenses
  • Treatment costs
  • Loss of company benefits
  • Prescriptions for medications
  • Car repairs, excess and car hire
  • Care and assistance costs including equipment

Finally-your estimated claim amount

Legit Claims Calculator Finish

Once you have passed the third step you will receive your estimated claim amount. In order to officially start your claim, click on Start your claim now. You will then need to put in your name, your phone number and your email. Once you have filled this out and we have received the info, we will be sure to get back to you – so why not Contact us today?

Please remember that the calculator is a tool to help you estimate the potential value of a claim. It is essential to contact a Solicitor with a claim request to further confirm that a claim can be made and obtain a final compensation amount. You can Search for a Solicitor to assist you with that immediately with Legit Claims.

More information about types of claims is also available on our website. Read more about the types of claims and what they entail if you require further information.  And don’t miss our next installment: Part II: Unique features of the Legit Claims Online Claims Portal.