What is APIL?

In their own words “The Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) has been fighting for the rights of injured people for over 25 years.” In fact, APIL is a non-profit organization. APIL’s 3,100 member lawyers are dedicated to changing the law, protecting and improving access to justice, as well as improving personal injury claims or services for victims.  Over the years it has grown to become the leading organization in this field. Furthermore, it is always working to promote and develop expertise in the personal injury law. Specifically for the benefit of injured people.

The Vision and Mission of APIL

The Association believes that victims deserve committed as well as well-trained lawyers to support their fight for justice.

  • Understands that injured people can often be the most vulnerable in society and need help;
  • Campaigns to make a real difference to the lives of injured people and society as a whole;
  • Reassures victims and acts fairly with integrity;
  • Drives up standards in personal injury legal process
  • Is ‘not for profit’ and does not seek to make money out of the misfortune of injured people;
  • Treats law as a rewarding mission rather than simply a job

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What is the APIL accreditation?

The organisation’s accreditation scheme has been running since 1999. Therefore,  it is well-established, with great credentials.

It awards their member lawyers a quality mark logo.  Therefore, by this, the public can be certain that the solicitor that represents them upholds the standards of the APIL organization.

APIL accredits member individually and by firm.  To receive this, they must satisfy specific criteria. They must provide evidence of their capability and experience in handling personal injury claims.

What is the APIL specialization?

Many members specialize in particular case types, including but not li medical negligence, injuries at the dentist, brain/head injury claims, or illnesses or work injury claims Therefore they aid the public in receiving the correct representation for their specific type of injury and claim. Because to APIL, it is “really important that the lawyer you choose is the right lawyer for you.”

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The accreditation promise and what it means to you.

Individual members promise to keep up to date with all the latest legal happenings. This is in order to help deal with their cases successfully. Furthermore, they commit to 16 hours of APIL training a year.  On top of this, APIL accredited specialists must accrue 50% of their training hours in each specialist field. Even more so,  they vet each members training log. This is along with the quality of the training to ensure that it meets APIL’s standards.

Members must prove that they continue to meet the standards every five years.

The organisations’ head office in Nottingham is the base for 30 dedicated full and part-time staff. They are responsible for running the organisations day-to-day activities. This includes campaigns, press and media work.

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