Road Accidents: The Importance of Knowing What to do After a Whiplash Injury

In previous whiplash injury news, according to The Sun, the UK earned the title of the “whiplash capital of Europe.”  Of course, many of the claims from these road accidents were said to be fraudulent. We think that this means one should probably be aware of how whiplash claims work.

At the Scene of the Car Crash

Of course, the process always begins at the scene of the accident. In these situations, it can be hard to take logical step by step actions. Although, if you want to make a successful whiplash compensation claim, then it is better to calm and do so.

Medical Attention and Details

In terms of road accidents, it’s important to immediately get a hold of emergency services and necessary medical attention. If the medical attention does not need immediate attention, then you should still go for a check-up as soon as possible. It is important to remember though that sometimes an injury may be more serious than it seems and so immediate attention is always best. Either way, make sure to keep any medical documents for future evidence that can support your whiplash injury claim.

Exchanging Details

You should then proceed to swop details with the other individuals or individual involved. If this is not practically possible, then it is imperative that you manage to record the number plate of the other party.

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Gather Important Evidence

After you have exchanged details with the immediate party, be sure to take photographs of the areas and the actual accident.  It is also important to gather the phone numbers or any solid contact details from surrounding witnesses.

After the Car Crash

Report the Road Accident

You should report the accident to the police and your insurance company as soon as possible. Make sure to keep the police report as evidence for you claim.

Contact a Solicitor

When it comes to making any claim It is always advisable to contact a solicitor.  Your solicitor will negotiate and settle your claim for you. This is so you can receive a fair amount of whiplash compensation for your whiplash injury.

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Look after Yourself

When it comes to making road traffic accident claims and being involved in a car crash,  we tend to get to so caught up in the legal process. Remember that you have gone through a stressful experience. You need to look after yourself.

At Legit Claims there are many solicitors that can assist you in making road traffic accident claims so that you can focus on your recovery.  To get into contact with one of our solicitors and take the stress away, go to our solicitor portal. Find out just how much whiplash compensation you may receive in terms of your whiplash injury by going to our accident claims calculator.

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