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When it comes to personal injury compensation how much is always the most frequently asked question

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Select the Area where the injury was suffered

Asbestosis and pleural thickening


Back Injury

Fractured ribs and soft tissue injuries

Injury to chest

Lung disease


Penetrating wound to chest

Toxic fume/smoke inhalation

Upper Arm/Shoulder

Amputation of arm above the elbow

Amputation of the arm at the shoulder

Broken collarbone

Dislocated shoulder

Fracture to arm

Loss of both arms


Soft tissue shoulder injury



Fracture to elbow/forearm

Scarring of elbow/forearm


Amputation of fingers

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Hand injury

Injuries to the fingers

Partial loss of index finger

Vibration white finger

Wrist injury


Food poisoning

Fracture of hip/pelvis


Injury to hip/pelvis

Traumatic injury to the digestive system



Upper Leg

Amputation of both legs

Amputation of leg above the knee

Upper leg injury

Knee injury

Amputation of leg below the knee

Leg injury

Achilles tendon injury

Amputation of all toes

Amputation of both feet

Amputation of one foot

Amputation of the great toe

Ankle Injury

Foot Injury

Toe injuries

Select Severity of Chosen Injuries

Add Loss of Earning

You may have loss of earnings as a result of having to take time off work to recover. Please provide that information in following inputs.

Avg. Monthly Wage
No. of Days Off

Add Other Costs

Please enter any other costs that you may have come across due to injury.

Travel Expense
Prescriptions for Medications
Treatment Costs
Car repairs, excess and car hire
Loss of company benefits e.g work mobile
Care and Assistance cost including equipment

Your claim has been calculated and could be worth:


Let's start your claim now, we will pass these claim calculations to your nearest personal injury claim solicitor listed with us.

How to use Calculator

  • Step 01

    Identify your injury

  • Step 02

    Calculate Loss of Earning

  • Step 03

    Add other costs you may have incurred

  • See how Much you Could Claim in Minutes using the Legit Claims Personal Injury Claims Calculator

    For our clients, an injury compensation calculator is a useful starting point to pursuing a personal injury case as it provides an estimate of the levels of compensation a claimant can expect to receive for their injuries.

    So, we’ve worked hard to implement an injury compensation calculator designed to assist you in establishing an accurate estimate of personal injury compensation amounts. However, our estimate will only serve as guidance, as your actual claim value will depend on a variety of factors related specifically to your personal injury case. These factors include but are not limited to the severity of your injury, how long you have sustained this injury and whether loss of income is applicable.

  • What can Our Injury Claims Calculator offer You?

    With our personal injury compensation calculator we have created a series of questions about your accident and injury. When answering the questions, you should select the option presented by the claim calculator for each of the multiple-choice questions that most applies to you. For example, select the appropriate button to indicate your gender.

    The injury claims calculator will then affirm your selection, and automatically proceed to the next step. This will be the Area of Body section. In order to establish personal injury compensation amounts, if you have suffered a back injury you would click the “upper body” icon that is applicable. After which you’ll proceed with the injury claims calculator to the next step, where you’ll specify the type of injury you’ve suffered.

    Our compensation calculator also offers you the opportunity to state your loss of earnings or additional expenditure you’ve had because of your injury. The more accurate you can be here with the claim calculator, the more accurate your compensation prediction will be.

    If you make a mistake while using our calculator or want to amend an answer, you can click on the “previous step” button to be taken back a step. You are in no way obliged to agree or commit financially to the calculations made as they serve as an estimate only. Please note that you should consult a professional solicitor specializing in personal injury cases to ascertain whether you have a case worth pursuing and how much your claim can be worth in total.

  • How accurate is our Personal Injury Claims Calculator?

    Our compensation calculator serves as only as a rough guideline figure of the amount you might be able to claim. It is not designed to give you an output of the exact sum because this will depend upon the severity of your inquiry, the time it takes to recover and negotiations between your specialist solicitor and the party responsible for your accident.

    Our calculator does not consider any changes in the law. This means that the figures quoted does not take into any account of any fees which your solicitor might deduct from your compensation if your claim is successful.

    This arrangement should be discussed with you at the start of your claim by your chosen personal injury solicitor. You may find a suitable representative on our Solicitor Search page.

  • Personal Injury Compensation How Much is it Worth?

    It is important to know that all the results presented by our personal injury claims calculator are taken from official figures, so rest assured the values presented are realistic. Although our calculator is consistently striving to gather data intelligence, it does not comprehend the psychological impact of your injury, or your pain. Therefore, as a result you could end up with more than the compensation or in some cases less.

    We highly recommend our compensation claim calculators as a useful starting point as they provide an estimate of the levels of compensation you can expect to receive for your injuries. Our personal injury compensation calculator can then help you make that judgment as to whether your claim is worth your time.

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