Hearing Loss Claims

What is a Hearing Loss Injury Claim?

Hearing loss can be a serious condition and caused by many different factors. A person can suffer from hearing loss due to exposure to sudden loud noises. Generally speaking, these impact noises and may cause immediate and or permanent damage if decibels are high or loud enough and can drastically impact one’s quality of life. Damages and trauma to the head and ears may be characterized by ringing in the ears (also known as tinnitus) bleeding from the ears, fractured eardrums, inner ear concussion, vertigo and balance problems.

Noise induced hearing loss can also be a result from other factors such as prolonged exposure, for example constant workplace noise or a sudden unexpected event such as a concussion or a traumatic head injury. In extreme cases tinnitus can be permanent and lead to sleep deprivation.

A Hearing Loss Injury Claim is the pursuit of compensation for damages suffered to your hearing from temporary damages to permanent loss of hearing as a result of an accident or injury you may have suffered. The corrective measures necessary to restore your hearing could be claimed for such as hearing related surgery, obtaining a hearing aid or rehabilitation treatment of temporary hearing ailments.

What Qualifies for Making a Hearing Loss Injury Claim?

Hearing loss can be the result of many accident and injury related incidents. Here are a few examples:

  • A sudden event such as a blow to the head.
  • Slipping and falling, loss of balance and injuring your head.
  • Noise-induced hearing loss for example constant noise in the workplace.
  • Serious concussion as a result of a deployed airbag during a car accident.
  • Concussion and tinnitus as a result of constant or excessive noise exposure.
  • Serious traumatic injuries to your ears as a result of a motor vehicle accident.
  • Exposure to sudden loud noises such as heavy hammering, explosions or even gun shots at close proximity.

How can You Make a Claim for Loss of Hearing?

Once you have realized any or some of the above symptoms you may wish to seek medical assistance. It’s important to remember to bring a claim within 3 years of discovering your hearing impairment. This includes the time within which you are exposed to noise related to your impairment as well.

A competent Solicitor will be required to successfully complete your claim, you can Search for the right Law Firm or Professional Solicitors who specialize in hearing loss claims services. In most cases the right legal representation can assist you on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will only be responsible for legal fees in the event where your claim is successful. You will need to provide sufficient evidence for your hearing loss, including medical records, accident reports and loss of income.

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