Road Accident Claim

Are You Entitled to Compensation for a Road Traffic Accident?

Being involved in a road traffic accident (RTA) can be a traumatic and life-changing experience, not only for those injured, but also for their families and loved ones.

Road accidents don’t just affect those behind the wheel, it can be to anyone e.g. in-siting passengers, cyclists, and pedestrians. Road accident may cause various types of injuries like; serious neck muscle, back injuries, brain, and head injuries. Therefore, you should make a road accident injury claim as soon as possible.

Road traffic accident claims can be made in a variety of circumstances, and aren't limited solely to car accidents. Any road user, whether a pedestrian, cyclist, motorcyclist, public transport user, or the driver or passenger in any other type of vehicle, could be entitled to compensation.

If you were in an accident that wasn’t your fault, you can use the Solicitor Search to find a specialist solicitor who can assist you in making your claim.

Procedures for a Road Accident Injury Claim

If you have been injured in a road accident, you will need to report this to the police and your insurers. If you are fit to do so, in order to make a road accident claim you should:

  • Collect the contact information of those involved.
  • Collect the registration numbers of the vehicles involved.

  • Collect any witness statements, if possible.
  • Take photographs of the accident and any damage.
  • If you’re unable to exchange details at the time of the accident, then you should report your accident to the police within 24 hours

How Much Could your Claim be Worth?

We offer the Legit Claims Calculator so you can make an easy estimate as to how much you can possibly claim for compensation. Many additional factors have to be taken into account, so it is essential to consult your Road Accident Injury solicitor for full details with all your evidence.

Most solicitors offer a No Win No Fee agreement which means that you do not have to be concerned about the legal costs upfront. Under this agreement, the claimant only pays the solicitor’s fee if the claim is decided in their favor. This fee is usually a percentage of the awarded compensation as the costs are directly recovered from the compensation. Best advice would be to always consult your Solicitor just to be sure.

Many solicitors also offer a free initial consultation so you may discuss your case and they can give you an idea of whether to proceed and how much your claim could be worth.

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Claim Calculator

Compensation claim calculators are a useful starting point to pursuing personal injury cases as they provide an estimate of the levels of compensation a claimant can expect to receive for their injuries.

Our compensation calculator serves as only as a rough guideline figure of the amount you might be able to claim. It is not designed to give you an output of the exact sum because this will depend upon the severity of your inquiry, the time it takes to recover and negotiations between your specialist solicitor and the party responsible for your accident.

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