Slip, Trip, and Fall Claims

How Do You Know if You are Entitled to Slip, Trip, And Fall Claims?

Slips trips and fall injuries are quite prevalent and are most common in public and work places. The worst of these kind of fall accidents can prove to be fatal but they can also lead to head injuries, back injuries, fractures and in the worst cases, paralysis. You may have injured yourself after tripping over an uneven paving slab or slipping on a wet supermarket floor where there was no hazard sign. Or injuries may occur on wet flooring in a shopping outlet.

If you have sustained a personal injury in such circumstances you may be entitled to make a slip and fall accident claim. In most cases compensation can be sought from the public authority responsible for the area where the accident occurred or the occupier of the premises. It is also advisable to contact a fall injury claims lawyer if you are seeking compensation claims for slips and fall accidents.

What Qualifies as a Slip And Fall Accident Claim?

Compensation claims for slips and fall accidents can happen because of things like:

  • Trip injury such as tripping over wires, boxes, or miscellaneous items
  • Falling from height because of something like a faulty ladder
  • Slip and fall on wet or icy surfaces due to a lack of warning signs in the area
  • Trips over uneven paving slabs
  • Tripping down staircases which have been poorly-maintained
  • All of the above at your workplace

How Can You go About Slip, Trip, And Fall Claims?

Whether your slip, trip, or fall occurs at work or in a public place, it is pivotal to make note of important information as it lays the foundation for making an effective slip and fall accident claim. As fore-mentioned, sometimes claims can be difficult to prove and as such, finding the most appropriate fall injury claims lawyer to represent you is essential. Act NOW and Search for the right Law Firm or Solicitor to help you make the claim you deserve. You can also use the Claims calculator to get an estimate of what your claim can be worth.

It is important to remember that if such an accident was caused by factors beyond your control, you are entitled to making compensation claims for slips and fall accidents. Once you have received medical treatment, you need to seek a competent fall injury claims lawyer to handle your case on a No Win No Fee basis. This means that you will only be responsible for legal fees in the event where your claim is successful.

Claim Calculator

Claim Calculator

Compensation claim calculators are a useful starting point to pursuing personal injury cases as they provide an estimate of the levels of compensation a claimant can expect to receive for their injuries.

Our compensation calculator serves as only as a rough guideline figure of the amount you might be able to claim. It is not designed to give you an output of the exact sum because this will depend upon the severity of your inquiry, the time it takes to recover and negotiations between your specialist solicitor and the party responsible for your accident.

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