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Generally speaking Your law firm will assess your case. And, if you have a valid claim your law firm will proceed with your claim via the following steps:

  • Select your law firm
  • Assign the claim compensation case to your lawyer.
  • Your solicitor will formally notify the person or organisation that was to blame for causing your injury, With details of your claim.
  • If your solicitors is working on conditional fee arrangements with you , you do not pay if you lose*
A No Win, No Fee agreement is an arrangement between you and your Solicitor which means that if your compensation claim is not successful, your Solicitor is not paid for the work they have done. If you win your claim, your Solicitor is paid part of their fees by the other party, typically an insurance company. However it entirely depends upon the arrangement between you and your law firm.

There's no fix tariff of compensation, the amount of compensation awarded is affected by the quality of the preparation of a claim and the extent of losses you incurred. Compensation amount will depend on factors such as:

  • How serious your injury, illness or loss is.
  • Assign the claim compensation case to your lawyer.
  • How your life has been affected by the injury or illness.
  • Your future care and support needs.
  • How much money you’ve lost or will lose as a consequence (e.g. loss of earnings, travel expenses).
  • Specialist equipment and adaptations, you may need.

To establish the details of your case, Generally, a solicitor will need to know:

  • Date of the accident, where and how it happened
  • Contact details for any witnesses
  • Details of your injuries, medical diagnosis and treatment received
  • Whether you are a member of a trade union or you have legal expenses insurance policies, as this may entitle you to free or reduced-cost legal representation.

Claim Calculator

Claim Calculator

Compensation claim calculators are a useful starting point to pursuing personal injury cases as they provide an estimate of the levels of compensation a claimant can expect to receive for their injuries.

Our compensation calculator serves as only as a rough guideline figure of the amount you might be able to claim. It is not designed to give you an output of the exact sum because this will depend upon the severity of your inquiry, the time it takes to recover and negotiations between your specialist solicitor and the party responsible for your accident.

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