Becky’s Taylor’s Story: A Birth Injury Claim Story with Heart

Becky Tyler a 15-year old girl living with cerebral palsy was born at East Surrey Hospital in 2002. The labor seemed to be going off perfectly until little Becky came out blue. Immediately the medical staff could see that the umbilical cord wrapped three times around her neck. For the first 10 mins following Becky’s birth, she could not breathe at all. They had no choice but to resuscitate her. She was kept in the hospital for quite some time due to regular seizures occurring. When Becky's condition started to look stable, the medical team gave the green light for her to be taken home. To the parent's surprise, no MRI scan was done to find out whether she suffered brain damage. This was later a very important fact in her parents making a birth injury claim.

To make matters worse, when the parents noticed something wasn’t right with their little girl they went to see the medical consultant. The consultant dismissed their concerns completely. Becky's diagnoses with cerebral palsy only took place when she was 7 years of age. As she got older, the cerebral palsy got more severe. It soon came to everyone's attention that she will never be able to walk or talk.

Becky’s Loving and Tenacious Parents Needed Answers

While in school, Becky was in a lecture where the class learned how the human body operates. This made her curious as to why her body is different. After school, she went home and asked her mother the question concerning her difference for the other kids. The question triggered an interest and they went to consult with Jane Weakley to investigate Becky's birth.

Jane’s investigation revealed that NHS Trust had details about failings during the birth which were not shared with Becky’s parents. After discovering medical expert reports and issuing proceedings in the High Court, Jane Weakley finally received acceptance from the Trust that medical negligence occurred, primarily with CTG monitoring. Jane's medical experts proved that if the right doctors and staff intervened and delivered Becky earlier, she would likely have been born with a brain injury. This paved the way for the parents to file the birth injury claim.

The Final Conclusion: What Can We learn from this Story About Birth Injury Claims?

Becky won the birth injury claim and even Judge HHJ Robinson said that he had never felt so positive before in awarding compensation. Surrey and Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust also issued a letter of apology to the Tyler family. Fiona, Becky’s mother said that this letter means the world to everyone who knows what Becky went through. NHS Trust has agreed at 90 percent for the settlement.

Not all claims stories have such a happy ending. Hopefully, everyone will now see the importance of preventing medical negligence. When negligence occurs it can result in a brain injury, that is irreversible. It is mandatory that you know what steps to take when medical negligence crosses your path. Let us help you to find the perfect medical negligence solicitor to assist you in also receiving compensation for similar brain injury cases or other personal injury claims.

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