According to the Mirror, A British dad of 44 years old suffered a serious neck injury worth £1800 during a holiday in Spain. This was on June the 3rd 2017. On top of this, this man, namely Graham Hyde, is making a personal injury claim against the Jet2-the holiday provider.  Of course, this is for negligence where he saw they could have prevented the neck injury if there was foresight involved on part of the holiday resort.

What Happened To The British Dad?

The newspaper explains that Graeme Hyde was enjoying his holiday with his family in Spain. Unfortunately, A young man brought this to a great halt. This is when he bomb dropped on Grames' neck.  This was whilst he, Graeme, was coming down and out of one of the water slides. This holiday accident occurred at Alegria Pineda Splash Hotel in Pineda de Mar in Barcelona. As a result, this holiday accident caused trauma to his neck and upper back. This caused the 44-year-old dad to spend a few days in a neck brace.  Furthermore, the hospital they attended after the incident informed Graeme that he had ‘cervical neck concussion’.

What Occurred After The Holiday Accident?

The newspaper claimed that immediately after the holiday accident had occurred, lifeguards working at the holiday resort placed ice spray and deep heat packs on the area of pain. This was once Graeme finally managed to get out the pool which was incredibly difficult. This combination of ice spray and deep heat packs, in turn, burnt his skin. After the pain increased Graeme and his wife called for a taxi to get to the hospital. Although, the staff did originally get a hold of an ambulance to take him to the hospital.  After this, according to the 44-year-old dad, he spent a very long time waiting to be attended to. Following, the couple, who were celebrating their wedding anniversary with their daughter, found their own way back to the resort in the middle of a taxi strike. Due to his neck injury, Graeme is still experiencing pain and problems for many months after the incident occurred.

Gordon Slater lawyers, who are representing the unimpressed father's case, claim that the holiday resort has not responded and asks why there were no signs in the area which would have prevented the incident from occurring. Graeme himself places no blame on the boy who accidentally jumped onto him.

The Jet 2 resort itself has refused to make any detailed comments on the neck injury at hand.

Making Successful Holiday Injury Claims

As we can see from this case, it is possible to make holiday injury claims if you can prove negligence. Of course, just like Graeme, you need a good solicitor to represent your case. Use our solicitor portal to make successful holiday injury claims.

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