Latest News: Cycling Death Rates and Cycling Injuries on the Rise

According to an online 2016 report by Bought By Many, London saw a great boom in cycling popularity with an increase of 110% since 2000 which means that the news of the high cycling death rates may be concerning to the seemingly popular increase in cycling.

In the latest news, cycling death rates are on the rise due to “pothole strewn roads,” as The Times puts it. In fact, using Department for Transport statistics, the newspaper found that cyclist deaths and those who suffered a serious injury due to cycling have "tripled in a decade.” This is allegedly due to a large amount of these potholes on UK roads. The Telegraph claims that CTC, a cycling charity agrees with this notion that the cycling injuries and deaths are at a large part due to pot holes-and more specifically poor maintenance in terms of getting rid of the problem. Less than 5% of reported damage to the roads by this charity was taken care of where the Spokesman for the CTC, namely Sam Jones said, “"For cyclists, potholes aren't mere inconveniences. They're a real blight, where even the most minor defects can lead to serious, life-changing injuries."”

Newspapers have reported that these high cycling injuries and deaths have increased the call for councils to attend this problem.  Many see that local councils are spending these relevant budgets on adult social care. The government has responded in various ways. The Department of Transport has claimed that the government will be putting a “record” 23 billion into UK road maintenance in order to alleviate the rising issue.

Naming and Shaming Local Councils for Cycling Injuries?

It was reported that ministers were intent on naming and shaming those local councils who have not maintained the roads. This as well as deny them government funding access. Although according to This is Money, the group Fill That Hole has a different perspective saying, “And this isn't about pointing the finger at local authorities or accusing them of not doing their jobs properly. "

This is Money went on to report the top 10 list of councils with the most unfilled reported potholes. Essex County Council comes in fourth. Hertfordshire council follows in 3rd with 3124 unfilled potholes.   Surrey County Council comes in first with 6733 potholes.

High Cycling death rate: Correlation Does Not Imply Causation

One could argue that yes there is a higher amount of serious injury instances or a higher cycling death rate.  Although this does not mean that these are strictly due to potholes. In fact, it could simply be due to the rise in the number of cyclists. Although, as The Times states, “The increase far outstrips the general rise in cycling over the same period.”

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