Will You Risk Your Life on these Dangerous Jobs?

When it comes to most dangerous jobs in the UK, one does not always stop and consider the risks involved to go to work every day. Will You Risk Your Life for a Salary?

If you think of most dangerous jobs - it is easy for one to think of the obvious few. We are sure you are thinking of construction workers, policemen and even bomb disposal experts. It will surprise you then to know that salespeople are rates within the top ten most dangerous jobs for your health. Probably because of the high levels of stress.

In many cases, dangerous professions like those in the construction industry are heavily regulated with safety measures. And the state does attempt to protect employees from certain risk factors. Therefore decreasing the risk factors actively for the employees involved. But imagine for a moment a farmer who operates heavy machinery. Or an Uber driver risking their life and limb on a daily basis to make a living.  According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) some of the toughest and most dangerous jobs exists within the sectors of agriculture, construction, education and public administration and defense.


Here is Our List of the Top 5 Most Dangerous Professions in the UK

1. Construction Workers

As many of the jobs in the industry remain risky, the fatalities speak for themselves. During the period 2016/17 30 people lost their lives whilst performing their duties at work. Major causes includes the operation of heavy machinery and falling from heights. Safety measures in this industry is stringent however, resulting in a decrease of 20% in injuries over the last 7 years.

2. Farmers

The fatality rates as recorded by the HSE indicates that farmers are second in line. With 27 deaths, farmers can be in real danger whilst working with animals, operating heavy machinery and falling objects, to name a few. The risk factors related to this type of work also influences workers health in many ways. Many farmers suffer from work related ailments related to stress and or physical complaints resulting from hard labor.

3. Roofing and Scaffolding

It is no surprise that the majority of workplace deaths are due to falls. 29% of workplace deaths last year was related to falling in some form or another. Scaffolding remains one of the most dangerous jobs in the UK. Even though precautions and safety measures are in place, risk factors includes falling from height and being hit by heavy objects.

4. Lorry Drivers

Vehicle related incidents is also of course in the top 5. As much as a fifth of all fatalities at work falls within the road accident categories – especially heavy road vehicle drivers. With long distances and fatigue behind the wheel as the major causes behind these statistics. Work related injuries and illnesses can include stress, health disorders like obesity and hypertension and physical ailments resulting from long periods behind the wheel.

5. Bin Man/Waste Collection

It appears that operating heavy machinery on the road is not safe either. This deadly job claimed several lives in the last year. You can make a claim for injury in the workplace with Legit ClaimsFind a solicitor today that can help with claiming the compensation you deserve.

The most common causes of death and injury in the workplace is still within the industries where heavy regulation is prevalent. In every of the above professions health and safety precautions are essential. Both the employer and employee must ensure the risks are minimized and lives are saved. This ultimately begs the question: Is the risk of performing a dangerous job worth the reward in the end?

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