Directors May be Held Accountable for Nuisance Calls

According to the Law Society Gazette, it was proposed by the department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) last month to take action against company directors as they apparently “escape justice”. Company directors that enact nuisance calls – also sometimes referred to as cold-calling - may be directly charged with fines reaching up to £500 000. The DCMS claims that directors keep slighting the hand of justice through many methods such as starting cold calling companies up under a new name. This is after claiming bankruptcy through penalty payments, thus perpetuating the issue.

Margot James MP, minister for digital and the creative industries, said: "Nuisance calls are the blight on society and we are determined to stamp them out.” The DCMS further stated that end can be made to unwanted calls in the event where the information commissioner has the power to hold rogue bosses to account. This proposal comes after the conclusion of the government’s rejection of total ban in the Financial Guidance and Claims Bill. The call for a ban on cold calling marketing practices has been cleared with its third and final reading in April. No amendments have been made for a total ban.

Nuisance Calls Statistics in the UK

Cold calls in the United Kingdom are no small issue. With the following statistics outlined by the Financial Adviser illustrating the spectrum of this matter as follows:

  • There are 4200 cold calls every minute. This leads to over 6 million daily.
  • In 2017, there were 2.2 billion cold-calling texts.
  • The main target of these cold calls seems to be pensioners over the age of 65, making up around 30% of all these calls.
  • Most nuisance calls are related to pension. This as well as protection insurance and personal injury.
  • Accident claims nuisance calls seem to make up the majority of reports by relevant consumers.

What I Do About Cold-Calling?

Prevention is Always Better than Cure

Prevention is always better than a cure. One way you can prevent cold calling is by registering with the Telephone Preference Service. This makes it illegal for any such callers to contact you unless you have previously given them your name.  If you request that they stop calling you and they continue to do so, you can consider this illegal activity.

But Here’s a Cure if You Ever Need One

One way in which you can stop cold calls is by blocking numbers.  These numbers can be withheld or call of an international nature. Of course, this may mean you miss other important calls that are not under the cold calling category. Furthermore, you can report scam calls to ActionFraud.

We Care About our Customers: Our Great Service Speaks for Itself

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