The Cyclist Who Went to Jail for Injury Claims Fraud.

A recent report  by the Claims Media tells of a cyclist by the name Luboya Tshibangu was riding his bicycle when unfortunately he fell to the ground and sustained an ankle injury. He mentioned in his statement that the accident was a result of a pothole. The bicycle hit the pothole and Tshibangu came tumbling down.

Tshibangu claimed that the accident caused him to suffer £175,000 in lost earnings and injuries. This proved later as a dishonest statement. Not knowing the legal punishment for false insurance claims, he went forth with his claim.  He stated that his right ankle was completely broken. This was a clear attempt at injury claims fraud.

Cardiff Council’s insurance company suspected him of injury claims fraud and immediately forwarded the case to the City of London Police’s Insurance Fraud Enforcement Department. Upon accepting the case, the (IFED) did some deeper investigations. They discovered that a witness made a 999 call mentioning exactly where the accident took place. It was revealed that Tshibangu sustained the fall injury exactly 950 meters away from the pothole. During the emergency call, the witness also mentioned that the accused was riding on a slippery road.

What Actually Happened?

The (IFED) presented their findings to the court. There it was revealed that Tshibangu was in fact injured due the fall, but the accident was caused by his own recklessness. To show how severe injury claims fraud is, the court sentenced him to three years and six months in prison. No compensation was paid out. This was a clear example of the consequences of making a false claim.

Justin Hawes, a detective constable of the (IFED) even said the following in his report: “Tshibangu used a genuine injury in an attempt to lay blame with the council. This blatant attempt at deception was spotted and the work of IFED with the council and its legal team has enabled us to put a stop to Tshibangu’s crime.”

Legal action Goes Both Ways. Fraud is a Serious Offense.

It need not be stated that the state and legal community  looks upon fraud as a serious offense. It doesn’t matter if you if you attempt healthcare, insurance or injury claims fraud, you will be prosecuted by the law. In a lot of cases where the accused received jail time, they also received a heavy fine. Rather be honest and apply for fair compensation the right way. If you lack knowledge concerning personal injury claims, you should contact an injury claims lawyer. They have enough knowledge to advise and assist you with your claim.

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