All Eyes Are On the GMC. What is Going On?

With deaths occurring so frequently due to gross medical negligence, medical examiners are appointed to do in-depth investigation concerning this matter. The examiners will try and find out what was the initial cause of death for all the victims that went unexamined by a coroner. With the number of deaths within NHS, the General Medical Council might face punishment. The final verdict might lead to the GMC being stripped of its right to appeal fitness-to-practice decisions.

Professor Sir Norman Williams did a report where he mentions the vast number of manslaughter cases in healthcare. After the report, it has been issued that all deaths under hospital care will be examined by a coroner. If not, medical examiners will be appointed once again. Far too many medical professionals are under investigation. Within the last four years, the MDU has assisted just under 40 members with investigations.

With the GMC losing its right to appeal fitness-to-practice decisions under the report’s recommendations, it eliminates a lot of factors. One of them being the mistrust between the GMC and the doctors who operate by their policy.

Leading Up to the Investigations: Doctor Accused of Manslaughter

Everything started after Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba was accused of the manslaughter of a six-year-old boy named Jack Adcock. Dr Hadiza is a 39-year-old a trainee pediatrician working at The Leicester Royal Infirmary. After this incident, Jeremy Hunt the health and social care secretary gave the green light for the review to be done. Full news report available here: Beyond Medical Negligence. Doctors Accused of Manslaughter

After the review was finalized by Sir Norman Williams, a couple of new regulations was brought up on which Jeremy Hunt agreed to. One of them being as mentioned that all deaths should receive a full examination by the coroner. The other two major points are the reflective practice of healthcare professionals and the regulation of healthcare professionals. The General Medical Council should be more cautious when assigning unprepared medical staff. If only fully trained doctors are allowed to work with and on patients then gross negligence manslaughter won’t occur that often.

Is Our National Healthcare in a Crisis?

It’s understandable that it’s stressful being a doctor. Most cases a doctor will be working in a very stressful environment, so mistakes can and will happen from time to time. So to lower the chances of medical negligence from occurring the new regulations will only improve how things are done within the NHS and the GMC.

You as a patient should not have to wonder whenever your doctor is prepared enough for treating you. You only have to know and accept that medical negligence can happen. Accordingly, the NHS is working on lowering the chances dramatically. However, if you happen to be the victim of negligence, be prepared. To be prepared means to know where to look for an experienced solicitor. An ideal place to find a no win no fee solicitor is on Legit Claims.  Let professionals take care of your personal injury claims.

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