Harvey Weinsteins Insurance Company: It is Not a Personal Injury Lawsuit or Accident

According to Deadline, “ Harvey Weinstein's Insurance Company Refuses To Cover Sexual Misconduct Themselves". The disgraced Hollywood producer has lawsuits against him in New York, Los Angeles, Toronto, and London. The company Chubb claims that the policies held by the producer does not cover what they label as “intentional acts”. In other words, it is not a relevant lawsuit. It does not count as either an offense, accident and is not a personal injury lawsuit. The popular Hollywood entertainment news website reports that Weinstein has taken out up to 16 policies with Chubb since he has been with them. These policies include “homeowners policy” and “fine arts coverage.”. Although, they do not include “discrimination”, “abuse”, “molestation”, or “misconduct”.

The Story on Harvey Weinstein:

You have probably heard about the 11 sexual misconduct lawsuits that have been made against Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein. Many actresses have since come out, having made claims stretching from sexual misconduct to rape. These actresses include big names from Gwyneth Paltrow, Salma Hayek, Carla Delavigne, Angelina Jolie and Ashley Judd. One of the defences from Weinstein’s team is that many of the actresses had previously praised Weinstein. Furthermore, that they continued to work with him despite allegations. Although according to CBC, the other side, namely Elizabeth Fegan struck back; “If Weinstein thinks he will win by twisting women’s words against them, he fails to understand the law on sexual assault.”’

The #Metoo Movement: What is it all About?

This scandal seemed to spark a string of claims against other big names. It also struck off the #Metoo Movement. This is where individuals from everywhere spoke of their own stories with the hashtag #Metoo.

Although this movement has gained popularity since the Harvey Weinstein lawsuit cases, it is not new. Furthermore, it was no accident. Tanana Burke is the founder of the original #Metoo movement.  The organization provides resources to underprivileged victims of colour.

It seems most of the responses to the movement has been positive. Although, there have been some criticisms. According to the Guardian, Margaret Atwood, popular feminist, and writer of the now popular book-turned-series, ‘A Handmaids Tale’ expressed a controversial opinion.  She is supportive of the movement. Although, she stated concerns over due process and not throwing it away in the wake of this new awareness. This was met with quite a backlash.

Meanwhile, Harvey Weinstein’s uninsured case carries on.  Whether or not we all agree on these events a worldwide conversation around sexual misconduct has begun. Albeit, a seemingly well-needed one.

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