Hip Operation Negligence Leads to £500 000 in Medical Claims.

The gentlemen who experienced hip operation negligence finally received his compensation. The middle age man was very active as he used to be a football referee.  At 45 years he started to experience severe hip pain and decided to consult with an orthopedic surgeon.

He then underwent hip resurfacing surgery on his right hip as well as a couple of months later on his left hip. The pain, however, got much more unbearable. The pain got to a point where the man knew, something is not right at all. Consultations were scheduled one after the other but they kept informing him that everything is as it should be.

What Went Wrong with the Hip Operation?

During a review appointment in 2009, he insisted that x-rays be taken. The x-rays revealed that both hip implants were at a very bad angle. Yet, with clear evidence, nothing was still done to correct the mistake. Luckily there exist something known as medical claims.

The victim of the hip operation negligence could not continue everyday life as a result of the pain. Finally a few years later he underwent hip resurfacing surgery once again. This time another surgeon was in charge of the surgery. After the surgery some in-depth medical tests where done. The results revealed that he had suffered an adverse reaction to metal debris. The debris from the metal parts degraded the muscles around his hips.

Biggest Claim Settlement to Date

Angharad Vaughan, a medical negligence solicitor was broad on board to represent the man’s claim. The claim was against the Hospital Trust who had failed to provide the proper treatment.  The claimant had no choice but to take time off from work due to not being able to walk properly.  This forced him to open a claim against the hospital for the hip operation negligence. Being an experienced solicitor, Angharad appointed various medical experts to help her client with the immense pain.

It took multiple negotiations but in the end, fair compensation was the outcome. Angharad Vaughan managed to settle her client’s claim for an immense £500,000.  Although it was one of the biggest compensation claims that they know of, many believe it wasn’t enough. The unfortunate victim had to use the £500,000 to recover from years of pain and financial difficulties. This is a great example of why it’s important to have the right medical negligence solicitor on your team. Especially when it comes to clinical negligence.

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