Legit Claims makes an Impression at this year’s LegalEx

We think there is no better way to show what your company and product can do than sharing in an event like LegalEx with other like-minded people and organizations in the country. And so we signed up. We strategized on the right PR, what we will say to potential clients and invested in how we will present ourselves to the world at large. We know that as a start-up, it is essential to grab every opportunity to make an impression in the market. And more importantly, now is the time to show how Legit Claims can help drive legal business forward with the use of technology.

We were exited to stand among other great exhibitors in the legal industry in London last month and wow, did we learn from this experience. LegalEx is an annual event geared towards professional development, business growth and cyber security in the legal sector. With over a hundred and fifty exhibitors, LegalEx is one of the main events of the year where legal service providers and law professionals meet to converge law, technology and security together. With a stunning array of diverse solutions to address the many aspects of running a successful law practice, services on display included marketing, financial, security, business development and client centric solutions to mention a few. During the course of the 2 days, many well-known speakers present discussions on hot topics ranging from cyber security to fraud protection in the digital age and ending of course with the coveted LegalEx Awards in the four categories of: Innovation, Legal Cyber Security, Practice Efficiency and Product of the Year.

Legit Claims at LegalEx

Legit Claims is Anounced Finalist for the Innovation Award 2018

The Innovation award recognises the outstanding tools, products, and service that makes a significant impact on the law sector. Among hundreds of contenders, Legit Claims was proud to be announced one of five finalists to be recognised as the most innovative new product or service to hit the market and change the way the industry works. Creativity is thinking of something new. Innovation is the implementation of something new. This is an apt description of how Legit Claims came into being.

The innovative solution that is the Legit Claims online claims portal brings many of the different aspects of personal injury claims together. The main feature being connecting consumers and law practitioners together in one place. The service is free for customers who can browse many solicitors and law firm profiles to find the most suitable representation for their personal injury case. Solicitor and law firm profiles are uniquely presented to potential clients by claims type and include information such as SRA ID and vital contact details. The unique legit Claims rating enables consumers to choose law practitioners based on the approval of other customers. This customer centric application also includes a method by which new and potential customers can effortlessly contact a solicitor or law firm with by providing a method to book a consultation, request a call-back or directly facilitated calls through the web.

Legit Claims Modernises the Law Industry with an All-Encompassing Digital Solution

The unique value proposition to law firms and solicitors in the UK is the opportunity to belong to the fastest growing online solicitor directory in the UK on a flat rate subscription basis, thus eliminating the referral fee system completely. The Legit Claims system supports it subscribers with top of the range SEO techniques to ensure they are listed among the cream of the crop in Google rankings. The system comes complete with a separate login section where subscribed solicitors and law firms can access the leads gathered through the portal as well as call-back requests and other data such as how often their profile has been viewed.

The Legit Claims pioneers modernises the law industry with an all-encompassing digital solution that facilitates smoother and faster communication methods between consumers seeking legal assistance and legal professionals offering them based on location and or type of claim. Legit Claims is the first of its kind to welcome in the digital future of personal injury in the UK.

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