The EU is officially enacting the General Data Protection Regulation on the 25th of May. Therefore, the 34th CRM Ministry of Justice bulletin has provided clear guidelines to regulate CMC ’s. These guidelines cover what to do if there are untraceable clients. This as well as  ‘Plevin guidance’, overall direction regarding online advertisement and much more. This in order to assist CMC's with their personal injury compensation or claims business.

Time to Get into the Specifics of the Government CMC Regulations

Untraceable Clients

  • The government has found that many CMC’s are stuck with untraceable clients. They have suggested in their guidelines that CMC’s should first implement certain procedures before using ‘tracing and forwarding services’ and those they should keep a record of the procedures they have gone through. Some of these procedures include to “Conduct a detailed review of the client’s file to identify all contact details”, Send an email to all known email addresses for the client as well as, “Write to all the known addresses of the client.”

Guidance on Plevin Cases

  • The government put forward links that they previously provided in terms of providing Plevin Case guidance which includes guidance on the eligibility of Plevin cases as we are making complaints to the FOS or Financial Ombudsman Service just to name two.

Not sure what a Plevin case is?iNews claims, “The FCA’s Plevin rule says that if more than 50 per cent of your PPI’s cost went as commission to the lender, and this wasn’t explained to you, you are owed the extra money above that cost.”

Online advertisement guidelines

  • The government or Ministry of Justice put forward guidelines concerning online advertising in terms of two aspects:;” Failure to identify the advertiser” as well as “misleading headlines”. “Failure to identify the advertiser” refers to the fact that the CMC’s name must always be obvious on the advertisement. “Misleading headlines” refers to clickbait or sensationalized headlines that CMC’s may use.

Why are these CMC Government Guidelines Important?

As the GDPR official enactment date is fast-approaching, it is important that all CMC’s take all appropriate action. This is as to avoid heavy punitive actions that could affect their claims or personal injury compensation business. If you are still struggling with this the CMC Ministry of Justice guidelines will be able to assist you.   If you are a solicitor and you want to know more about the GDPR and how it may affect you and your personal injury compensation or personal injury claims services business then you should read, GDPR Legislation: What Every Lawyer Should Know about Data Protection.


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