Is Claims Fraud Worth the Risk? You Can Go To Jail!

Recently a man received a sentence of three months in jail due to claims fraud. The accused exaggerated the effects of negligent medical treatment. He had been offered compensation for £30,000, however, he claimed the total damage was actually £837,000.  The NHS bought this to the court’s attention. The court had no choice but to enforce the law.  They stated, “Those who make false claims and get caught must expect to go to prison”. Claims fraud is without a doubt breaking the law.

The Story of Sandip Atwal

Sandip Singh Atwal, the person accused of claims fraud suffered from an injury during an attack.  He received treatment for the fractures at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary. Sandip Singh received damage to fingers on both right and left hands. He also had a severe cut to his lower lip.

After the negligent hospital treatment, he had no more power in the left hand. The right hand had some noticeable deformity but luckily the lip wasn’t in any bad condition. People in these situations can by law proceed with their medical negligence claims. There are cases where negligent hospital treatment caused more damage to the patient. This can result in loss of work and income, however, this wasn’t the case for mister Atwal.

In 2011 the court stated that the compensation is £30,000 on which NHS Foundation Trust immediately accepted.  Sandip Singh didn’t accept the offer and continued to argue that the damages were much more.  He stated that a fair offer will be £837,000. He requested the amount as he said he was unable to drive and as a result, his career of deejaying would come to an end.

The Serious Consequences and a £75,000 Fine

Beginning of June 2018, the court disproved mister Atwal’s statement and immediately made the order to take him into custody.  Claims fraud was the verdict and immediate custody is the only way to show how important such a case truly is. The court gained video surveillance indicating that mister Atwal was quite able to drive as normal as well as lift heavy objects. In the video surveillance, mister Atwal is driving with one hand while talking on his mobile phone with the other hand. Further investigations revealed that he is also still working as a DJ without any problems.

The court stated that this will act as a clear warning to all the lawbreakers. Negligent hospital treatment is a serious matter and lying on your claim will result in punishment. The court declared that Sandip Singh Atwal must pay fines up to £75,000 in costs.

The NHS Foundation is a highly professional organisation and should be seen as such. Chief executive of NHS Resolution, Helen Vernon even said in her statement. “The decision sends a very clear message that the NHS is not an easy target and that you cannot submit fraudulent claims with impunity.”

If you lack knowledge concerning claims and receiving compensation then contact your personal injury lawyer. It’s better to be honest, as justice will always catch up to you.

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