How Far Did Medical Negligence Go This Time?

Gosport Hospital will never be seen in the same way again. A place where lives should be saved has now turned in a place where lives are at risk.  Recent investigation informs the public that close to 700 patients may have died prematurely. The cause of this disaster is gross medical negligence. The opiate syringes used to deliver opiate drug doses into the patient’s bloodstream was faulty and of low quality. This resulted in heavy doses being pumped into the bloodstream. The doses were classified as of a dangers size.

Dr Jane Barton ordered the syringes to be used at Gosport Hospital. The 69-yeard-old doctor saw this as a cost-saving method. When problems started to occur Dr Barton was forced to leave Gosport Hospital. The Hospital chose to ignore the incident in order to avoid a scandal. However, they also kept on using the cheap opiate syringes.

Although senior position holders on the panel were informed of this, they chose to ignore the matter completely. Even though it was proven that the faulty syringes gave inaccurate measurements which caused the hundreds of deaths, the senior members decided to blame the deaths on bad health instead.

The Confessions of Nurse Griffin

30 years ago when Dr Barton gave the order to use the syringes, a nurse also working at Gosport Hospital said this was clear medical negligence. For the second time, this matter was ignored. When the deaths started occurring, Sylvia Griffin, the nurse threatened to expose what was going on. Sylvia Griffin along with other 2 unknown nurses confronted the Gosport Hospital staff members. As a result, Sylvia Griffin was bullied non-stop until she had no choice but to resign.

Sylvia Griffin passed away in 2003, luckily her daughter Penny Wilson came forth and told the story to the Daily Mirror. She said in her story the following. “Mum never wanted to point any figures at anyone. It wasn’t about any particular doctor. It was about the whole system.”

Sylvia Griffin worked directly under Dr Jane Barton. That’s how she saw what was happening right in front of everyone's eyes. The overdoses occurred between 1989 and 2000. Only now has the truth reach surface.

Hundreds of Medical Negligence Claims and Criminal Charges

Hundreds of claims have been made by relatives of the victims.  Criminal charges have even been demanded against Gosport Hospital. The public feels that all staff members who knew what was going on be sentenced to prison for being accomplices in murder. The exact number of deaths was 650. Never before was anything like this documented. Information has also been presented revealing that an estimated 40,000 syringes were in circulation in the NHS at that time. This information has the public wondering if they are still being used elsewhere. It’s extremely important that you speak to medical negligence solicitors to understand the severity of any matter like this.


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