PI Gateway: The Association of British Insurers Given Governmental Approval

The Insurance Times has reported that, "The government accepts an offer in principle for the insurance industry to fund and build new litigation portal" or a pi gateway. The Motor Insurance Bureau will head this up.

The Personal Injury Solicitors' response

Following this information, in their article, Lawyers Outraged as ABI given Go-Ahead to Fund PI Gateway the Insurance Times stated that many solicitors in the UK are not impressed with this governmental decision to allow ABI to build this pi gateway. This is because the solicitors do not see these organizations as partial parties. They are also wary as to what the government has given the ABI in exchange for their action with this pi gateway. Furthermore, these personal injury solicitors say they have seen profits already lowering since this has happened.

The newspaper went onto cite Andrew Tambley, “The whole idea behind the so-called reforms is to prevent/discourage claims, in order to save the insurers money so that they can pay dividends. Following the financial crash, investment returns have been poor so this was reflected in dividends. In order to boost insurer profits, they had to think of alternative ways to make money. Preventing motor claims goes some distance in achieving this aim."

This is not the First Time Solicitors and the Insurance Industry have Clashed

This is not the first time lawyers have come up against the insurance industry. The pi gateway story is just one of what we can assume are many. Just a few weeks ago an Insurer found himself in hot water after allegedly settling compensation claims deliberately. Gavin Edmonson solicitors and Haven insurers were in an ongoing court battle. This ended up with the solicitors taking it to the Supreme Court.

What are the ABI and MBI?

  • The ABI (The Association of British Insurers): A UK trade association of insurance companies.
  • The MIB (The Motor Insurance Bureau): This company provides aid to those who were in road accidents but either do not know third party information or the third party is uninsured. To find out more about this read Uninsured Drivers and Your Rights for Claiming after a Road Accident.

Of course, it is true that insurers make more profit by giving you less. On the other hand, personal injury solicitors make more by pushing to get you the most compensation possible. This is why it is important to hire a lawyer. This is even more true with complex cases. Use our portal to find personal injury lawyers to make sure the insurers give you the compensation you deserve.

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