What Falls under Unfair Road Accident Costs?

When two vehicles collide in an accident, someone is usually in the wrong. It’s quite difficult to accept that you now have road accident costs due to another driver’s negligence. A recent study by the RAC reveals that more than a third of UK motorists are victims of road traffic accidents that wasn’t their fault. Upon further investigation, the RAC determined that out of 2,062 motorists, 36% of them now face severe financial costs for involvement in an unfair road accident.

The RAC survey also reveals the extra unfair expenses a victim of an RTA can end up with. Besides sustaining possible personal injuries, victims can also be responsible for paying their insurance policy excess.  Another unnecessary cost is their travel expenses. If their car is immobile due to the accident, they have to hire a car to be able to travel.  There are a number of different factors that can put pressure on a person’s finances.

The Recent RAC Survey Has Revealed...

Paul Evans, RAC Legal Services general manager even stated that he thinks many people believe that the at-fault party’s insurer will cover the costs following an accident. That is however not true at all. Even if a driver has the best case possible, he or she could still end up having to pay their excesses. That can easily work out to over £100! The RAC States that £215 is the average amount excess that motorists are being forced to pay. Out of everyone questioned, 41% stated they had to pay more than £150.

Paul Evans also commented, “On top of your excess, add your travel expenses, loss of earnings and the cost of making a personal injury compensation claim and it must surely be wise to make sure you have cover.”

Do UK Motorists Know About the Potential Costs They Might Face?

The scary thing is, no they don’t. Out of all the motorists surveyed, 79% of then believe that motor legal expenses insurance cost £20 or just over. This must be due to a standard policy costing between 30 to £40.  It’s wise to consult with someone concerning this matter. It’s better to know about all the costs that can follow a car accident.

Remember that amongst all the extra expenses, medical expenses can be the highest. It’s important when you’re involved in a road traffic accident that you contact an experienced solicitor right away. If you hire a solicitor it will increase your chance of receiving compensation, which will, in fact, help you cover other expenses.

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