RTA Claims Dispute over Lawyer Costs

The Law Society lay a dispute claim against Haven insurers in an RTA claims battle. This dispute claim was specifically regarding unpaid lawyer costs on the part of Haven Insurers.  As a result, the Law Society won £12, 500 in costs for Gavin Edmondson Solicitors at the Court of Appeal.

The dispute claim was specifically over local value RTA claims.  Haven declined to pay pre-action protocol solicitor costs. The RTA dispute concerns six individuals and their RTA claims.  In 2012 the Haven insurance company chose to directly settle these individuals’ road traffic accident claims.

Beyond RTA disputes: Taking It to The Supreme Court

Beyond RTA disputes, there is now a need to settle the general matter around insurance companies directly setting claims. Therefore, the Society took the case to the Supreme Court. This is where the Law Society raised an important question. The question of how much the court can intervene in the protection of lawyers’ fees.  The verdict could possibly lead to other law firms making claims against insurers in terms of their solicitor costs.

Due to a 'tripartite’ agreement between the client, the solicitor and the lawyer fixed fees and stage one costs from insurers are a lawyers right. Therefore, the Law Society stated that the ‘principle of equitable interference’ should be instated. This is so that solicitors can ensure they receive these costs.

The Supreme Court and Claims Laws

RTA disputes are not the only controversial issue concerning the Court this year when it comes to personal injury claims. According to The Telegraph, there was a rise in fraudulent claims which have been “blamed on no win no fee lawyer services” and “cold callers encouraging people to sue.” Therefore, the Supreme Court Judge stated that blame should be taken out of personal injury seeing that the proposed changes to the law have not gone far enough.

What is The Law Society?

The Law Society or more specifically ‘The Law Society of England and Wales’ is an independent and private company, in accordance to its 1845 Charter.  The Law Society was founded on the 2 of June in 1825.  It acts as a representative and governing body for all Lawyers within this area.  The Society is involved in the reformation of laws. Not only this, but also upholding good practice and high standards for law firms in their jurisdiction, as well as other functions.

The Law Society, as well as many other boards, such as the SRA or Solicitors Regulation Authority, has accredited many of Legit Claims solicitors. You can find them in our solicitor directory.  Are you thinking of making a claim after an accident? We invite you to search through our widely accredited solicitor directory to find a solicitor that suits you.

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