Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) Clears Injury Claim Lawyers

According to Legal Futures SDT or the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal  cleared two injury claim lawyers at Barber and Co, namely Arif Barber, who is the principal of the firm, and Yasin Bagas.  The SRA accused these injury claim lawyers of making improper success fee deductions to client’s damages. This as well as well as not providing adequate supervision to fee earners described by Legal Futures as “unqualified”. This was due to findings that showed that the fees were less than what the contract required. They, also implicated the personal injury solicitor Yasin Bagas, in a  possible fraudulent activity with previous employees of Barber and Co solicitors. Although, the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal found that they were unaware of such activity. Although, Mr. Barber “did receive a £8000 fine for other rule breaches.”

Success Fees and Hidden Costs

“No Win No Fee” is almost a personal injury buzzword. The seeming catch is that not only will you pay regular solicitor fees if you win but added on success fees and there still may be many upfront fees such as court and medical fees. Of course, your solicitor is taking a risk on your case and perhaps deserves the extra cost for this.  Although coming out of your damages, it may affect the full purpose of these damages to compensate for monetary losses as well as physical and psychological injury caused by whatsoever accident you are claiming for. The Barber and Bagas case are not the only cases that had controversy surrounding success fees.

Another Success Fee Controversy

In the August of 2015, the Law Gazette published a report on another controversy surrounding success fees.  A firm charged clients a “standard  100% success fee'', to be capped at 25% of damages. The judge did not approve of this. He responded to the idea that firms need to set success fees in order run claims for certain parties without it. “‘The suggestion that solicitors would not undertake the work without the enhancement of a success fee in (at least in as much as it relates to simple and straightforward cases) is unfounded by the experience of the courts in dealing with the many thousands of these cases throughout the country."

What Do You Think?

What do you think about the Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal (SDT) decision to clear the injury claim lawyers? What do you think about the on-going controversy surrounding success fees? Whatsoever your opinion may be, asking questions such as What Percentage Do No-Win No-Fee Injury Claim Solicitors Take? will help you to expand your conditional fee agreement knowledge.

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