Whiplash crackdown: New Date for Government Clamp Down on Personal Injury Claims

According to the Insurance Times article, Government Sets Date For Whiplash Crackdown, "The government has set a new target date for implementing legislation tightening up personal injury claims.”  This will only come into full effect next year April. Previously they planned for it to come into effect in October. Their first priority seems to be road accidents. They are employing many different strategies in this crackdown. These include curbing the cost of soft tissue personal injury claims.  It also includes, "raising the threshold for small claims court from £1000 to £5000…” and beginning to regulate claims management companies.

The article went onto stipulate what the chair of MASS had to say, ““MASS shall continue to fight the proposed changes to RTA whiplash claims at every opportunity – but if parliament approves the plans and they do proceed, there are still huge questions about how it would be implemented, operated and how the worst consequences can be limited. There is an enormous amount for the government to sort out if it is to hit it's April 2019 target date.”

What Is the Reason for this Government Crackdown?

According to the BBC in 2015, “the number of motorists making claims for whiplash has soared in the UK in recent years,”. Two years ago the government was already making plans to combat this rise. At this time it was reported that 8 out of 10 Road traffic Accident Claims were whiplash. The industry was spending a massive volume on these claims. This gave the UK the name of the “whiplash capital of Europe”. To find out more about the effect of these reforms read How New Whiplash Reforms Influence Personal Injury Compensation.

Accidents and How to make a successful whiplash claim in the United Kingdom

Accidents can be traumatizing. These events can set anxiety even in those who have been in accidents. Many may worry even if they have genuine whiplash claims. Although, there is not much to worry about if it was genuine.  If your injury is genuine, it falls within the personal injury claims criteria that is a good start.   You should also make sure to keep all the evidence and relevant details to make a more successful whiplash claim. To read more about how exactly to go about doing this read, Things to Do After a Whiplash Injury to Make a Road Traffic Accident Claim. Another aspect that can help you with making a successful whiplash claim is to hire an injury solicitor. This is through using our portal to suit your personal injury claims needs.

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