Not everyone is too happy with the Upcoming Whiplash Reforms Proposed by the UK Government

The UK government's whiplash reforms announcement of the upcoming whiplash reforms was followed by mixed responses. Legal Futures reported on many opinions from all sides of this controversial topic.

Those opposing the whiplash claims reforms

The website reported many opposing opinions in terms of the whiplash claims reforms from many groups. This included individuals representing MASS, APIL, Hodge Jones and Allen. They cited concerns about its implementation. This,  as well as the fact that these whiplash claims reforms may negatively affect injured individuals who are looking for justice. This means especially those with injury claims of a smaller nature.

They cited the Law Society president, "In our submission to the select committee, we outlined the extensive steps that can be required in low-value personal injury claims. We also highlighted new research findings that show 76% of medical experts would not accept instructions from claimants without a lawyer."

“These changes will mean people injured through no fault of their own will struggle to get justice. The Law Society does not accept that these limits are reasonable and we continue to oppose these reforms.”

The APIL president also expressed their dissatisfaction with the fact that the reforms would "go ahead" claiming its negative impact on injured individuals but vowed that it would use what power the APIL had to protect people in these vulnerable positions.

The UK government is doing the right thing: Those for the whiplash reforms

The website reported on Deborah Newberry, who is “head of public affairs at City firm Kennedys.” She spoke in defence of these whiplash reforms. She is of the opinion that these whiplash reforms are good for a variety of reasons. This includes the fact that is continuing the process of LASPO which cut the legal aid budget.

Of course, not all share this same mind-set. A Law Careers Article stated that, ““There is no doubt that LASPO has made accessing justice far more difficult for the lawyers and members of the public on the front line, even in areas which have remained in the scope of the legal aid budget such as civil liberties...”

The opposing opinion seems that the UK government is making it harder for those really in need of justice. Arguably, it seems that the UK government is simply putting the whiplash reforms and LASPO in place to prevent fraud. This, as well as create positive reforms to the justice system. Either way, the debate remains complex and controversial. If you feel that you are searching for justice but just can't seem to find then use our solicitor portal to assist you with your injury compensation claims.

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