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About Us

Meet the Experienced Solicitors and Legal Team at Bishopgate Law Solicitors.

If you are looking for the most experienced and professional personal injury solicitors Hertfordshire, look no further. At Bishopgate Law Solicitors we pride ourselves in being affordable, straightforward and progressive lawyers. As the leading experts in accident injury solicitors Hertfordshire, we undertake personal injury claims including workplace accidents, road traffic accidents, and medical negligence claims on a no win no fee basis.

The legal professionals at Bishopsgate Law solicitors use the latest case management technology to provide fast and efficient personal injury services, so that you can get the compensation you deserve.

We are affordable, progressive personal injury solicitors Hertfordshire, and our approach to every case is encapsulated in our core values:

  • We aim to be authentic and transparent.
  • We undertake no win no fee cases and explain add-on costs and fees.
  • We do not believe in offering false hopes and wasting your time.
  • Therefore we do not cut corners and always offer clarity instead of complications.

Make a Personal Injury Claim with Bishopgate Law Solicitors.

Personal injury compensation can be sought if you have suffered an injury in an accident that was not your fault. At Bishopgate Law Solicitors, our personal injury solicitors can help you claim compensation from the organisation or third party you believe was to blame. We specialize in getting compensation for personal injuries suffered as a result of workplace accidents, road traffic accidents or medical negligence so that you can recover the costs of your medical treatments, loss of earnings and related future expenses.

As the most trusted accident injury solicitors Hertfordshire, we offer a free initial consultation by appointment. You can contact us or book a consultation and we will discuss with you whether you have a potential claim and how we can help you. Examples of workplace accident claims, medical negligence claims and other personal injury matters may include:  

  • Slip, trip and fall injuries from accidents that may occur in the street and public places or buildings. You can make a possible claim for tripping over loose or uneven paving stones, or falling on slippery surfaces.
  • Medical negligence claims such as misdiagnosis, incorrect prescriptions and or poor medical care or hospitalization can be reason for making medical negligence claims.
  • Workplace accident claims resulting from all kinds of preventable accidents in the workplace, injuries due to inadequate workstations or equipment, unsafe work practices and even psychiatric harm.

We are Proudly No Win No Fee Personal Injury Solicitors.

At Bishopgate Law Solicitors we undertake your personal injury claim on a no win no fee (contingency fee) basis in the cases where we think we can win compensation. With such an agreement, the proceedings are actioned against the person who has caused the accident. With this agreement, you can always be sure that you receive all of the compensation agreed or awarded to you.

Furthermore, we also arrange insurance to support our personal injury claims cases. This further protects you from legal costs. You have nothing to lose. Why not send us a callback request and avail of our free initial consultation to discuss your case today, or visit our website for more information.

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