How does Legit Claims assist You?

The Legit Claims website directory assist you to search and connect with specialist solicitors effortlessly based on the type of claim you wish to make or regional area you specify. This service is Free to claimants!

We do not and will not charge anything for this service to claimants using this website to search for legal representation. This is a no-fuss solution where you can engage with Personal Injury Solicitor’s or Law Firms directly. Please note we do not give any legal advice, and we will never make unsolicited contact with you by post, call or email to discuss any claim related matters.

Legit Claims aims to assist you only in establishing contact with independent Law Firms or Solicitors subscribed to our service. You are free to choose another Solicitor. Any legal entity you find from our directory is an independent professional from whom you should receive impartial and confidential advice on all matters including the use of legal expenses, insurance and any medico-legal reporting agency related to your case. These legal professionals are honor bound to the UK Law governing bodies to always act in your best interest, and uphold the highest confidentiality and quality standards.

Legit Claims cannot be held responsible in any way for the advice given or other work undertaken on your behalf by the listed and subscribed members. Solicitors and Law Firms pay Legit Claims a fixed periodic fee for our marketing services. This fee is independent of the size or volume of cases or leads related to Personal Injury Claims that they may receive through us. We do not receive referral fees in respect of such business. This does not affect the value of your claim in any way.

The Legit Claims Calculator

The purpose of the Legit Claims Calculator is to facilitate an easy way for claimants to ascertain what their claims could be worth. Please note this is an estimation only based on the type of injury and typical values for such on record. The factors which influence the outcome of the final claim value differs in every case, so it is most advisable to speak to your Personal Injury Claims Solicitor in detail. It is best to trust the professional’s advice on the many differentiated factors for example loss of income and how it may affect your claim.

Time Limits Applicable to Personal Injury Claims

Although the time for making personal injury claims is limited to 3 years in general (from the date of the incident), it is important to pursue a claim as soon as an accident or injury takes place. You are best advised to gather the evidence while memories are fresh, and get the legal and rehabilitation help when you need it the most. By law claimants have 3 years (or longer for those under 18 or suffering from specific illnesses) from the accident date until their claim is time-barred.

Legit Claims strives to deliver service of the highest quality to the public. Always

To ensure we maintain the highest standards of services and ensure client satisfaction to our subscribed members, we may from time to time request feedback. This will allow us to continuously monitor and maintain service of the best possible quality and value to you. Please note: we treat your personal information and feedback with the utmost confidentially. If any client however prefers not to provide feedback they are free to do so.

Registered accreditation with CMR and The UK Law Society

Legit Claims is a registered with the Claims Management Regulator (CMR) in the United Kingdom, License number 43212.

All subscribed Solicitors and Law Firms listed with the Legit Claims online directory specializes in the area of law related to Personal Injury Claims. All such members are accredited with the Personal Injury Solicitors Regulation Authority of England and Wales.

Contacting Use

We encourage visitors to our website to discuss their claims and other related questions directly with the Law Firms and Personal Injury Solicitors listed on this website. Feel free to contact the Legit Claims office for assistance with the use of our website and other general inquiries. We will also make all efforts to connect you to the best legal representation in alignment with our offered services. Please note calls may be recorded and used for internal training and regulatory compliance purposes only.

Our Policy Against Abusive Calls

We operate a zero tolerance policy towards the abuse of our employees who have a right to carry out their work without fear of being abused. Malicious or abusive calls are a criminal offence under Section 43 of the Telecommunications Act 1984, and Legit Claims will not hesitate to report such acts to the police.

Site Information

The text, images, other visual and video contents of the website do not constitute legal advice. Clients visiting our website should always consult suitably qualified Law Firms and Personal Injury Solicitors on any specific legal problem for suitable legal advice.

The site is designed to give you general information about the claims process and matters relating to claiming compensation for personal injuries and accidents. It is our purpose to guide you on initiating a claim with a specialist solicitor in your area.